Pink on Wedding Cakes

We were honored to do a couple wedding cakes with some pink details. One very simple and clean with a circular link motif, made of chocolate cake with ganache and rasberry meringue fillings. The other with some traditional Indian flair, comprised of vanilla bean cake, layered with fresh whipped cream and pineapple! The Indian cake was accompanied by centerpiece comprised of cookies n’ cream, carrot cake, chocolate with Kahlua cream cheese, and vanilla bean with peach cream cheese, decoratively adorned with Fondant Lotus Flowers.



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It has been awhile!

We have been super busy and couldn’t be happier! My brother, Ben, is back in town and has come on board to help me out. We have been doing lots of wedding cakes and dessert bars and they have all turned out amazing! We recently added a new cupcake to our line-up, Tiramisu! It was delicious, a vanilla bean cupcake soaked in dark rum and espresso syrup, and topped with a marscopone frosting and dusted it with cocoa powder! Fabulous!Tiramisu Cupcak

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Some Favorites

We have been busy busy in the kitchen and hosting tastings!  It has been amazing and humbling to watch our business grow, getting more and more inquiries each day, and having the opportunity to meet some amazing clients and their families!  That is one of my favorite parts of this business; having one on one time with clients, making their tastings personal and getting to interact with them face to face.  In the age of emails, texts, and cell phones, it’s nice to have those personal opportunities!

I have been waiting awhile to post these pictures….my amazing and talented friend Lindsey from BellaLu Photography   took them and of course did an awesome job! 

This cake is one of the best opportunities to really introduce Kyle, my husband and business partner.  This cake is a great representation of his talent and attention to detail!  Any cake that comes out of Sweet Tooth Confections that is hand painted, carved, and heavily artistic and detailed has Kyle’s mark all over it!  He is an amazing artist and creator, if he wasn’t my husband, he would definitely be on my team and it is his talent that bring Sweet Tooth Confections to life!

We have a great friend of ours who is a huge car fan and Porsche’s are one of his favorites.  For his birthday we wanted to recreate one and surprise him.  We took his favorite color, canary yellow, his favorite kind of cake, vanilla-lemon cake with a lemon meringue filling and here it is……..

I have to explain this next picture…..this is an inside joke between Kyle and our friend, and he thought it was absolutely hilarious that we put that on the back license plate!

Thank you Linds for the pictures!

This next cake was so much fun for me to make.  I had been wanting to do a cake that pulls in organic and nature elements, I love the look of wood, flowers, and birds/nests are really big right now in the wedding world.  It was a tedious cake to make, but it came out beautifully!  Once again, BellaLu Photography came through for me!

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Specialty Cakes

Not everyone loves cake.  I know, shocking!  You have two groups of dessert people out in the world.  You have the candy folks, like my husband, he could bypass cupcakes and cake, and head straight for the Lemonheads, Sour Patch Kids, and Starbursts.  Then you have the cake and cookie fans, like me!  I can easily go past the Halloween candy and will head straight for a homemade cookie. 

So, what happens when a bride and groom  hire you to do their wedding, and then tell you, “we don’t like cake!”  So, I was stumped and wondered what would they want me to make?  This is my career, it’s what I do…make cakes!  Sure, they wanted a cake, but not one made with flour and sugar….they wanted a Rice Krispy treat cake.  My initial reaction was to google it!  I wanted to see if that was something that had been done and curious to see what other bakers had done.  Most of what I found was your typical tiered round cake….just large round Rice Krispy treats stacked. 

I chatted with them and they pretty much said, take creative liberty, as long as it feeds about 100 people.  So….I decided to make mini Rice Krispy treat wedding cakes.  I stacked each tier with some buttercream and topped it with a blue flower, to match the bridesmaids dresses.  It was time consuming, I have never made so many batches of Rice Krispy treats and they aren’t the easiest to cut into small little circles, but it was worth it.  I would love to hear what you think!

Here is a close-up of one

Here are a couple other Specialty Cakes that we have done the last couple of weeks….

The first one was for a teen who loves the Incredible Hulk.  The birthday boy’s Aunt, gave us no other instructions.  Whenever we have an inquiry on a comic book character or a car, I immediately get Kyle involved.  He has an incredible eye for carving and the little details, but I think he could open up his own comic book store and it’s more fun for him to design a cake about something that he loves; Cars and comic books! 

We decided to make a comic book cake with the Hulk’s fist tearing through the pages.  I absolutely love the way the cake turned out and the fist looked so life like….he really did an incredible job with the shading and even creating the veins on the back of the fist.  We printed the Incredible Hulk comic book pages on Edible frosting sheets and scored the sides of the fondant to make it look like pages. 

This cake was ordered for a surprise engagement party that the bride-to-be’s best friend was throwing for her.  They wanted a cake that looked like a gift box and included some of the bride-to-be’s favorites….colors: purple/black, Calla Lillies, and a picture of the happy couple.  Here is what we came up with…..

This last cake is a simple Birthday cake embellished with a couple of yellow peonies…I love simplicity, so a nice cake to end with!

Thanks for checking in and I can’t wait for our upcoming Blog post…..Porsche and a new wedding cake!!  Stay tuned….

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Cake Pops, Cake Pops…and some cakes

Wow…has it really been 3 weeks since I last posted?!  I suppose that’s a good sign, I’ve been too busy in the kitchen to blog, but I really need to stay on top of it. 

So, anyways…I’ve wanted to do this blog for a while and I was hoping to have more progressive photos, but really, all anyone wants to see is the final product…so here you go.

Cake Pops are the new phenomenon…they have been described to me by many clients as a “Little Bite of Heaven.”  Cake Pops are the perfect ratio of cake, frosting, and chocolate.  We make all our cake pops by hand, there is no magic pan to create them, which would be great, but they are worth the many steps that they take to make.  I first learned about Cake Pops, as probably many bakers out there have, from a popular blogger Bakerella.  Here you can see a step-by-step guide and all the cute and creative things that she has done with Cake Pops. 

The basics of a Cake Pop are to bake the cake, make the cream cheese frosting (unless using other flavorings i.e. raspberry jam, peanut butter, etc.), mix the cake and frosting, form into balls, refrigerate, melt the chocolate, and dip the cake pops. 

My favorite part of creating Cake Pops is trying out new flavors.  Some of our most popular flavors are Cookies-n-Cream; Oreo Cookie cake, mixed with Cream Cheese frosting, dipped in white chocolate and topped with crushed Oreos and of course Red Velvet.  One of my new favorites is a Dark Chocolate Raspberry dipped in Dark Chocolate and the Brown Sugar Toffee Cake dipped in White Chocolate, topped with Toffee Bits.  We have created special holiday flavors; Chocolate Peppermint and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. 

Cake Pops have become a must-have at any special event and make really great favors!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our cake pops!  Hope you like them…..I would love to hear which ones you like best.

Chocolate Peppermint

Dark Chocolate Raspberry, mixed with Chambord liqueur, dipped in Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate stripping.

Cookies-n-Cream  YUM!

Brown Sugar Toffee Cake, dipped in White Chocolate with Toffee bits

Delicious Cake Pop trio…..Red Velvet, Raspberry, Cookies-n-Cream

Carrot Cake

Special Valentine’s Day Cake Pops

Of course they make for great marketing tools!  Buttermilk/Lemon Cake topped with toasted coconut and Chocolate/Chocolate

Lastly, I wanted to share a couple of cakes that we’ve done the last few weeks……

This cake was made for a baby shower, celebrating a mom who is a ballerina and getting ready to have her first girl.  The clients only instructions was to keep it elegant, ballet themed, and pink.  I wish we had gotten better pictures of this cake, it turned out absolutely beautiful.  Kyle did all the handpainting on each tile and the ballet shoes.  I topped it with a simple white sugar bow. 


The cake was a Red Velvet, Cream Cheese frosting with fresh raspberries and strawberries.

This next cake was made for a very special 16th birthday girl.  She told me she loves rainbows, peace signs, and 60’s retro… is what we came up with…

Lastly, I am obsessed with owls and birds these days….so for an order of Red Velvet Cupcakes I added some Owl fondant toppers.  I pressed an Owl impression stamp into some brown fondant and brushed it with bronze luster dust.  I love the way they came out!

That’s it for now…promise not to wait so long between posts! Have a great week…..

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Oh! How I Love Sugar Cookies

Since the start of this business I have been working hard on coming up with new and fun sugar cookies and building our portfolio with pictures and ideas.  I love sugar cookies, I love designing them, and unfortunately I love eating them.  I am a cookie fiend, in fact it was my obsession with cookies that got me into baking.  Our sugar cookies are made with high quality organic flour, sugar, and fresh vanilla beans…and of course just a little bit of butter!  You will find no paper thin, crunchy cookies here…we bake them a good 1/2 inch thick and soft with a delicious hit of vanilla.

The best thing about sugar cookies is their versatility.  You can bake them into shapes and give them color and life, or you can keep them simple, baked with a sprinkle of raw sugar.  One of the newer inventions for sugar cookies, is to print an image using edible ink and frosting sheets and put this on the cookie.  This is such a fun way to create an original favor for any occasion and guests just get such a kick out them!I love creating sugar cookies to use as favors for special occasions, parties and weddings….wrap them in cellophane and tied with a coordinating ribbon.  You can use sugar cookies to tie in a parties theme and as centerpieces…and really, who doesn’t love a sugar cookie?!

Below I have posted some recent sugar cookie pictures and also a few of my favorites from Halloween and Christmas.  I hope you enjoy and I would love your feedback!

Mickey Mouse Sugar cookies….the picture was printed on an edible frosting sheet and the cookies were wrapped in cellophane and handed out as favors for a client’s son 1st Birthday. 

We did a small dessert bar for a client’s daughter’s 3rd birthday and we included some colorful butterfly and daisy sugar flowers.

How fun are these?!

Cute baby shower cookies and some fun fashion shoes for a bridal shower or bachelorette favors.

Finally….some fun in the sun!

Lastly, here are some of my favorites from the holidays….


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New Blog, New Goals and I LOVE Vintage Cakes

We’ve moved!  I thought we would test out a new blog site and I’m excited to learn all the new things about it.  Its been so long since I’ve posted a new blog, the Holidays were a whirlwind and many things have changed. 

To begin with, Sweet Tooth Confections is now my full-time job and I am so nervous, yet excited to see what this year brings as I devote all my time and energy into the business.  Each day presents new challenges and new open doors as our business grows and Sweet Tooth Confections becomes a name that people are repeating.  If you have a chance, check out our website and I would love to hear some opinions.  We have also entered into contract with Lunch With Tony in Alviso, Ca to rent out commercial grade kitchen space and that has opened many more doors for us.  We have increased our mini dessert menu, cake flavor menu, and as always, working on new and challenging cakes!

My goal this year is to enter into the beautiful world of weddings!  With my time, 9 years, of working in the bridal industry I feel as though I have a very realistic idea of what it means to work with brides closely on the details of their wedding, the pressure and stress, and of course, being married for almost 9 years, I know the joy and excitement it brings into your life.  With this knowledge and confidence behind me, I am excited to embark on the other side of weddings….the cake and dessert tables!  I absolutely love taking elements and personal touches of the bride and groom and incorporating that into the desserts.  I love the look of dessert tables, using the cake as a centerpiece, surrounded by vintage cake stands filled with a variety of mini desserts and sweets and it has been so much fun creating these looks with past brides. 

Here are some new wedding cakes, in the style that I LOVE!!  I am all about vintage, feminine, and romantic looks!  Enjoy these pictures…taken of course by the ever-so-talented Lindsey of BellaLu Photography.  I would love to hear what you think!


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